Welcome to Riadus!

Throughout the land, brave warriors fight for honor and the good of their kingdom, while devout clerics with power to heal or to kill tend to the faithful. Great sorcerers command the very fabric of reality itself, while storytellers and songsmiths tell all of the world about their tales. Ruins of ancient nations hold both treasure and peril for those brave enough to seek them out. Untold knowledge lies waiting in the abandoned tower of a long dead wizard. The secrets of the gods flutter unseen through the dreams of dragons…

Welcome to the world of Riadus, an original campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons RPG!

Korgan’s Tower

Twenty years ago, freshly introduced to the idea of role-playing games, my storyteller instinct took over and I attempted to write my own adventure for the fantasy campaign my friends and I played. The noob that I was, this adventure was little more than a hack ‘n’ slash gauntlet of monster after monster with the occasional trapped room or corridor in a nearly endless maze-like dungeon which surrounded a mighty wizard’s tower. Not surprisingly, this adventure was widely successful as it was played in high school. After I did a little growing up, I began reworking the story.

The adventure became something fleshed out to the point where it resembled something close to the “modules” published by a popular game company, and I ran it as a demo at several conventions. Between runs, I’d rework a few things, occasionally changing the system I used as the basis for the rules. The campaign started with a hybrid of the Palladium Fantasy RPG and Gamma World, but quickly became wholly Palladium Fantasy. For a few conventions I adapted it to Fantasy Hero, as I was, and always will be, a great fan of the Hero System. Not long ago, however, the Dungeons and Dragons RPG was picked up by WotC and completely reworked to the point I liked it. Until this time I’d never considered using D&D as its ass-backwards rules made it too difficult to adapt to my adventure (and adapting my adventure to those rules ruined the adventure). With D&D 3.0 and 3.5, I saw a chance to develop my adventure into a rules system specifically designed for the fantasy genre without sacrificing any of the elements I’d designed myself.

By this time Korgan’s Tower had evolved into more of a campaign setting, complete with a world the mighty dungeon existed in and a history for why it exists and how it got there. The story of Korgan, his plans for ruling reality, and his ultimate failure are merely part of the backdrop of what is now a rich and detailed setting in which any sort of campaign can take place. This setting is called Riadus.

Recent Updates...

Races Update

The Races have been updated to reflect the current list of deities as well as the non-existence of gnomes in the campaign setting. Included in the list of races are now goblins and half-goblins. Also updated is the Forum to include the current Kingmaker campaign as well as better organize previous posts.

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Mapping the World

The Riadus Campaign Setting has been around for a while now, and in that time I’ve gone through 2 revisions of the setting map. The latest version is currently around 2 years old, and I’m finding a few things I don’t really like about it. For one, it’s (almost) randomly generated. The original map was […]

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