Humans are diverse and adaptable people with wide potential and deep ambitions.

As unpredictable and varied as any of Riadus’s peoples, humans have exceptional drive and the capacity to endure and expand. Though many civilizations thrived before humanity rose to prominence, humans have built some of the greatest and the most terrible societies throughout the course of history, and today they are the most populous people in the realms around the continent of Reylan.

Humans’ ambition, versatility, and exceptional potential have led to their status as the world’s predominant ancestry. Their empires and nations are vast, sprawling things, and their citizens carve names for themselves with the strength of their sword arms and the power of their spells. Humanity is diverse and tumultuous, running the gamut from nomadic to imperial, sinister to saintly. Many of them venture forth to explore, to map the expanse of the multiverse, to search for long-lost treasure, or to lead mighty armies to conquer their neighbors—for no better reason than because they can.

If you want a character who can be just about anything, you should play a human.

You Might…

  • Strive to achieve greatness, either in your own right or on behalf of a cause.
  • Seek to understand your purpose in the world.
  • Cherish your relationships with family and friends.

Others Probably…

  • Respect your flexibility, your adaptability, and—in most cases—your open-mindedness.
  • Distrust your intentions, fearing you seek only power or wealth.
  • Aren’t sure what to expect from you and are hesitant to assume your intentions.

Physical Description

Humans’ physical characteristics are as varied as the world’s climes. Humans have a wide variety of skin and hair colors, body types, and facial features. Generally speaking, their skin has a darker hue the closer to the equator they or their ancestors lived.

Humans reach physical adulthood around the age of 15, though mental maturity occurs a few years later. A typical human can live to be around 90 years old. Humans have exceptionally mutable physical characteristics compared to other ancestries, with greater variance in height, weight, and other physical parameters.


Human society comprises a multitude of governments, attitudes, and lifestyles. Though the oldest human cultures trace their histories thousands of years into the past, when compared to the societies of elves and dwarves, human society seems to be in a state of constant flux as empires fragment and new kingdoms subsume the old. In general, humans are known for their flexibility, ingenuity, and ambition.


Human variety also manifests in terms of their religions, philosophies and other belief systems.

Popular Edicts explore the world, strive for greatness, devote yourself to a moral outlook
Popular Anathema waste what little time you have


Ambition alone drives countless humans, and for many, adventuring serves as a means to an end, whether it be wealth, acclaim, social status, or arcane knowledge. A few pursue adventuring careers simply for the thrill of danger. Humans hail from myriad regions and backgrounds, and as such can fill any role within an adventuring party.


The different ethnicities of humans represent how their people have adapted to different climates throughout Reylan. A human may be of any ethnicity regardless of what region they call home.

Ardmyrian are a diverse people who migrated to Ardmyre from the central isthmus and are a blend Canthelese, Rothnn and Thassian. Their skin tends to be darker than their northern cousins, ranging from light brown to deep ebony, with dark, usually black hair which is typically wavy, curly or kinky. Facial features are extremely diverse by high cheekbones and broad, rounded noses are common.
Canthelese are natives to Canthelon and tend to be fair-skinned, have blonde or brown hair with a variety of textures, and blue or green eyes. The canthelese on average are tall with a robust build, broad shoulders and a muscular physiques with angular faces with strong jawlines and high cheekbones.
Goaan represent a variety of people from the Goa Archipeligo. They typically have a light brown to rich dark brown skin tone, brown eyes, and dark brown or black hair. Goaans have short, robust builds with broad slightly rounded noses and full lips.
Inabaw are the native people of Elsena. They have predominately light brown to reddish-brown skin, hair that is black or dark brown and straight and light to very dark brown eyes. Inabaw tend to have a lean and muscular physique with well-defined noses and strong jawlines.
Kalshian hail from the Southern Continent, south of the Yewosha mountains. The possess deep brown to ebony skin, predominantly coarse dark brown or black hair often worn in braids, twists or shaved, brown eyes, and slender to medium builds, with high cheekbones, broad noses and full lips.
Lethan are native to the northern portion of the Southern Continent. They have light brown to olive skin, thick black hair, and light to dark brown eyes. They typically have a slender build, high cheekbones, full lips and wide-set eyes.
Naluk have adapted to the frozen land of northern Lethler and the Boreal Ice. They predominantly have light brown skin with reddish undertone, dark brown eyes, and dark brown or black hair which is thick and straight. They tend toward stockier builds with rounder facial features with high cheekbones.
Norling are the native people of southern Lethler. They predominantly have fair skin with warm undertones, light to dark blonde hair, and blue or brown eyes. Norlings are tall and lean, with oval shaped faces, slightly defined cheekbones, and well-proportiond noses and lips.
Rothnn are native to the ithsmus of central Reylan. They have fair to light olive skin, light to dark blonde or brown hair and blue, green and hazel eyes. The rothnn people are generally tall, oval or round faces with straight or slightly aquiline noses.
Thassian people once ranged throughout all of western Reylan but have dwindled in number and only have large populations within Thassia and Kurg. They mostly have light olive to light brown skin, predominantly straight dark brown or black hair, and brown eyes most. They are generally shorter with a lean and slender build, flat or slightly broad noses, high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, and full or slightly full lips.
Torunese originate from Torune but now populate most of Riss and parts of Zolan. They have a range of olive skintones, brown eyes ranging from warm honey to deep almost black, and dark brown or black hair often thick is wavy or curly. Men tend to have broad shoulders while women tend to be more slender with both having strong noses, high cheekbones, defined jawlines and full lips.
Waymi are native to eastern Reylan and can be found throughout Lettema, Wayma, Zolan and parts of the Broken Kingdoms. They have predominately fair to olive skin, dark thick hair and brown blue or green eyes. Waymi tend to possess prominent noses, strong brows and men typically have full beards.

Human Mechanics

Hit Points





25 Feet

Ability Boosts

Two free ability boosts


Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if it’s positive). Choose from from the list of common languages and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).