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Topic: Who's who...
Trystan Laryssa
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Who's who...
on: July 26, 2010, 23:30

Not all quotes are equal… some are in-character (more or less) and some are strictly out of character, thus more aptly attributed to the player. Just so everybody can keep track of who said what, this list gives character name, player name, and initial race/class and various details for our group.

RC- GameMaster (Yaaaay!)

Shane- Ishibara Ueshi (Elven rogue, Mariko’s cousin)

Marianne- Ishibara Mariko (Elven druid, Ueshi’s cousin)

Scooter- Hunter (Wulfen ranger, raised by Mariko)

DeAnna- Trystan Kesteven (Human bard, scholar)

Chris- Snowmane (Human fighter, former arena fighter)

Trystan Laryssa
Posts: 12

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Re: Who's who...
on: May 12, 2011, 04:38


We restarted.

Here's a new who's who for the new, real, we're-doing-it-this-time campaign:

RC- Gamemaster (thus everybody we're not)

DeAnna- Trystan Laryssa Kesteven (bard, scholar)

Chris- Allesandro "Sandro" Esposito (fighter, gambler)

Shane- Celeste Ialone (rogue, tiefling flirt)

Marianne- Masayoshi (elven cleric, wizard)

Scooter- Peace (barbarian, wulfen bouncer)

Jacob- Kiro (half-elf, streetwise urban ranger)

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