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Topic: Campaign Record
Trystan Laryssa
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Campaign Record
on: April 26, 2012, 16:51

For my own record, as well as for anybody else who needs to reference past, future or parallel events, I am going to make a simple, utilitarian thread where I can make one post for each campaign we've run so far. The purpose isn't really to detail the plots and events or anything good and meaty like that, but just to list the players, characters, basic descriptions, who ran, and what they ran. This way, if we are trying to compose parts of the history, and need to refer to a battle, or a discovery, or whatever it was we did, and end up thinking, "Now, how was that guy's name spelled again?" we have a spot to look.

I do plan on making a thread where we can detail characters, with fuller descriptions of appearance and personality, background, and major events in which they participated. This is not that thread.

Trystan Laryssa
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Re: Campaign Record
on: April 26, 2012, 18:52


The Battle for Rosu Province

Game Master

RC Craigo

Player Characters

Sa'Shanen (Michelle Travis)

An elven wizard, her primary element Fire

Shinzo (John Travis)

An elven sohei warrior, his task to defend Sa'Shanen

Yuu-Hei (Robert Jackson)

A half-elven monk of Xian, who recently found his name and cause

Kairon Akefia (DeAnna Craigo)

A human tiefling, rogue and scout to the group

Thorgrim (Chris Pell)

A dwarven Cleric of Olim, he brought the old faith to the Rosu dwarves

Minor Player Characters and Notable NPCs

Kiara Kantar (DeAnna Craigo) and Ruthven (Chrissy Olsen)

A traveling bard and follower of Aetherea who parted ways in Canthelon

Talbot Althrop (NPC)

A local noble whose family had a long history of heroics in the area

Grantley Althrop (Robert Jackson/NPC)

A disenchanted noble youth, Talbot's son and Shinzo's student

Arallon (NPC)

A human wizard who long ago failed to turn himself into a lich

Ritsu (NPC)

An elven wizard, friend to Arallon and Sa'Shanen's master

Farwater (Follower)

Fey friend of Yuu-Hei, can turn herself into a fox

Sakaki (NPC)

Rosu Captain of the guard, an expert with her bow

General Whats'isname

Sakaki's superior, leader of the Battle for Rosu province


As strange happenings began to surface in Nysundast, Sa'Shanen was sent by Ritsu to meet up with Arallon, his old friend, to learn the secret of "black powder" in the event such an advantage was needed. They made the journey alongside a pair of musicians who were headed to see the Rainbow Mage perform, as traveling in groups was wise. The group wound up journeying to Arallon's tower together after Raven's Fork was attacked by orcs, and discovered that Arallon had managed to turn himself into a shadow. After freeing the mage's spirit to do penance and clearing up the orcs who had taken over the tower to raid Raven's Fork, they returned to town in time to watch the Rainbow Mage. Soon after his show, the group was sent by Talbot Althrop, a local noble, to investigate other strange attacks, and bid to take his errant son Grantley with them. Shinzo attempted to teach Grantley to live up to his family's name as the adventurers uncovered more local intrigue, including a hostile plot to shift local borders, and the fact that the Rainbow Mage was in on it. This led to the discovery of a secret cult near Ironton, the town where Ruthven and Kiara parted ways with Grantley and the elves. Not knowing the mountains near Ironton well, they took on a rogue scout named Kairon, who they later learned was a tiefling. He helped to lead them to a hidden Temple of Nekal. (Thorgrim comes in here somewhere… trying to recall when.) After rooting out the evil and clearing the undead, Grantley struck off on his own, having found his own path, much to the relief of his father. The elves, accompanied by Thorgrim, who sought to find traces of the dwarves in Nysundast, and Kairon, who had found some semblance of acceptance with the elves, returned to Nysundast with the news of Arellon. They found the borderlands of the Rosu province overrun by unusually organized bandits. (Here is where they also met a young half-elf with no name, who followed the way of Xian, and was happy to help.) Before long, they discovered an unbelievably large organized horde of orcs, goblins, giants and other cruel warriors, overseen by (it was rumored) a half-dragon. They traveled on a campaign around Rosu province, sending Sakaki, one of the elven warriors, on ahead to warn the towns to evacuate and head to the main stronghold of the area. The group took down general after general, and uncovered much of the history of the province, making allies for the final fight along the way (among these Farwater and her people). Farwater joined Yuu-Hei, who had by this time "found his name", and they headed to the city for the final battle. As it turned out, Sa-shanen's research into black powder was not completed in time for the fight, though as a result, she found a happy substitute in "red powder" made by combining various alchemical ingredients with Kairon's infernally-laced blood. Bombs of red powder, along with the group's skills at fighting and magic and their efforts out in the province, turned the tide of battle and defeated the Horde. The victors then sought out the half-dragon general and cemented their victory in the Rosu Province.

Adventures Used for Inspiration

The Crucible of Freya

The Hall of the Rainbow Mage

The Red Hand of Doom

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