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Topic: Explorers' Guild Membership
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Explorers Guild Membership
on: July 7, 2010, 08:02

The Explorers’ Guild is a large and expansive order consisting of frontiersmen, pioneers, crusaders, archeologists and adventurers. Their headquarters is in Gryphôn, the capital city of Versona. They also have guild halls throughout the major cities of Versona and Canthelon, as well as a few in Thassia and one in the city of Nakakyo in Nysundast. A guild hall is rarely an independent structure, and is commonly located within universities, libraries and museums.

Members of the Explorers’ Guild are well known for acquiring and uncovering knowledge, locating ancient ruins, discovering forgotten magic and locating magical artifacts. Members of the guild sometimes work under contract for wealthy nobles as guides, pathfinders and scouts. Some may offer their services as bodyguards or bounty hunters. Others remain independent, exploring what they will and seeking their fortunes on their own.

Dues and Duties

All members of the Explorers’ Guild are required to pay monetary dues and accept various duties in return for membership benefits. The dues are 30 gp per month. Duties include the sharing of new information or discoveries with the guild, putting in an appearance at any guild hall to volunteer services at least once every six months, and accepting any special commissions handed down by senior members. A member who falls into arrears on his dues by more than three months has his membership revoked. Reinstating membership is difficult.

Membership Benefits

A member in good standing can board at any guild hall between adventures, paying only 5 sp per day for common-quality meals and lodging. If a guild hall does not have lodging on premises, they will provide equivalent lodging at a nearby inn for no additional cost. This lodging only applies to the guild member and not to his companions or followers (unless they are also guild members).

At his leisure, a guild member may browse the guild hall’s library. Though the contents of a guild hall’s library will vary from any other guild hall, all are well stocked with tomes on both mundane and arcane lore (although no library will contain spellbooks). Using the library when researching grants a character a +2 circumstance bonus to any Knowledge check, and all Knowledge checks may be made untrained. The quality of the library may restrict how obscure the information researched can be. Most libraries of the Explorers’ Guild contain information available to a Knowledge check DC of 20 or lower. Guild members also have access to common laboratory facilities when creating magic items (although all material costs remain the responsibility of the guild member).

Guild members may read and post notices to the “notice board,” a mundane medium whereby fellow members of the guild pass information, advertise their interest in a research topic or adventure, or attempt to sell an interesting oddity, magical or otherwise. The guild uses messengers, both mundane and magical, to relay information on the notice board to other guild halls.

Because the Explorers’ Guild is such a well known and prestigious order, many shopkeepers offer discounts to guild members. Guild members enjoy a 20% discount when purchasing any non-magical equipment (with a value no greater than 200 gp) in a city containing a guild hall. Material costs for the creation of magic items are also discounted by 10% (no limit) in the same areas. Furthermore, a guild hall is considered “home” for the purpose of securing equipment based on a guild member’s Cost of Living (

Last but not least, guild members form professional ties with their fellow explorers, possibly leading to lasting friendships or alliances.

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Re: Explorers Guild Membership
on: July 7, 2010, 10:22

Some of the cities with Explorers Guild Halls:
















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