Races 1E

Dozens of races populate the continent of Reylan. Some have migrated to this part of the world thousands of years ago, while others are native to this region. Some, such as the elves, have traveled here from another plane. Listed here are the races allowable as player characters.

Austere and stubborn, dwarves have founded empires within the mountains which have survived thousands of years.
Elves & Half-Elves
Alien in culture and origin, elves are the descendants of refugees of a destroyed world who now live in isolated forests.
Goblins & Half-Goblins
Small and agile, goblins are numerous and although unliked by most other races, they can make the most of any situation.
Humans & Tribal Humans
The dominant race of Reylan, humans have spread over the entire continent and have developed dozens of distinct cultures.
Orcs & Half-Orcs
Violent and aggressive, orcs rule their own through fear and brutality.
Strong and wild, wulfen are a woodland people who share traits with their wolf kin.


Humans, elves, goblins and orcs are capable of producing half-blood children. In any such union, in any combination, usually yields a half-blood child which uses the racial traits of either a half-elf, half-goblin or half-orc as appropriate, though in some cases a half-blood may use the racial traits of a full-blooded human, elf, goblin or orc. In the rare case where a character has the blood of three or more races, he still uses the racial traits for a half-blood or full blood race. Regardless of which racial traits a character uses, he may “self identify” as any race he carries the blood of (or in which culture he was raised).

Neither dwarves or wulfen are capable of producing half-blood offspring (but see planetouched below).


The planetouched general catch-all term used to describe anyone which an outsider as an ancestor, and possess some outsider traits. This ancestor is most commonly a celestial or fiend, though other types of planetouched exist. Due to the nature of outsiders, any race may be planetouched. A planetouched character represents his outsider heritage with the Planetouched feat.

Languages and Regions

Player characters all speak common and a regional language of their choice, and may select from the list of regional languages when choosing bonus languages. Goblins, orcs and wulfen may select Goblin, Orc or Wulfen (respectively) as their regional language, regardless of their native region. NPCs, particularly commoners, will usually only speak the regional language of the land they are in (or their racial language if they are of race which has one).

Regional Languages

Dynthgarian (High Dwarven)
Hathian (Dwarven)
Sundastian (Elven)

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