Tribal Humans

Tribal humans live in harmony with the wilderness, as their people have done for thousands of years. They have little need for technology and magic and prefer to live simple lives.

Personality: Tribesmen are a proud and practical people, and do what is required of them to survive. They have a general distrust of other races and often other humans.

Physical Description: The Inabaw Plainsmen of the north have deeply tanned skin and universally dark hair and eyes. The Lethler tribes of the frozen south tend to a paler, yellowish skin tone with narrow, heavy lidded eyes but also have dark hair and eyes similar to their northern cousins. All tribal humans tend to gain a weathered look as they age due to regular exposure to the elements.

Relations: Tribesmen do not trust other races or peoples other than themselves. An individual may gain the trust of a single tribesman or tribe, but it is not easily gained and is slow in coming. Tribesmen have a respect for wulfen, who share their respect for nature, but tend to view them as brutal and savage.

Alignment: Civilized people typically think of tribesmen as being chaotic and barbaric. In truth, they have a flexibility of spirit tempered with a strong sense of tradition, which brings them closer to neutral with respects to law and chaos. Their simple, practical lives also cause them to reject the extremes of good and evil.

Tribal Lands: The Inabaw Plains and Lethler are the traditional homes of most tribal humans. The Inabaw once lived across the plains that are now Ardmyre, but are now forced to eke out their lives in only a fraction of their land due to Ardmyrian expansion.

Religion: Most tribesmen regard Nadurra as the only true deity, but do not worship her. Rather they worship the spirits of their ancestors or personify all of nature as distinct spirits to which they pay homage.

Language: Tribesmen have their own tribal languages. Chieftains and other tribesmen who deal with outsiders may also learn common.

Names: Tribal names often reflect the spirit of the individual, typically describing a trait of the individual that resembles an aspect of the natural world. Tribesmen do not have surnames; should one wish to speak of his lineage, he simply states the names of his parents.

Male Names: Eagleclaw, Highcloud, Thundersky, Windtree, and Wolfcry.
Female Names: Moondance, Paledove, Riverfall, Silverflower, and Skysong.

Adventurers: Tribesmen are reluctant to leave their families and traditions. Some, however, may be required to go on a quest that takes them far from home, perhaps never to return. Their bravery and sense of self serve them well in the outside world.

Tribal Human Racial Traits

Tribal humans have the same racial traits as humans, but usually pick either Inabaw or Lethler as their Regional Language.

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