Deities of Riadus

The deities which watch over Riadus are many and varied. Many are known by several names and may have more than one church or cult which worships them. Some are not worshiped at all, except perhaps by a strange and rare cult.

Favored Weapon
Aetherea CG Dreams, stars, travelers, luck

Chaos, good, liberation, luck, travel


Amyalli NE Envy, graves, undead

Death, destruction, evil, repose, war

Belroth CE

Earthquakes, fire, plague, suffering

Chaos, destruction, evil, fire, plant

Caeldon N

Agriculture, craftsmanship, family

Animal, artifice, community, plant, weather


Daarok LN God of cities, wealth, merchants, law Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel

Light hammer

Deya CG

Abundance, discovery, happiness, prosperity

Chaos, charm, good, luck, travel

Light mace

Enosi N Immortal ancestral spirits of nature, guidance and tradition Community, Glory, Healing, Protection, Repose Bo staff
Estlore NG

Healing, magic, medicine

Good, healing, knowledge, magic, protection


Feilona NG

Beauty, art, love, music

Air, charm, good, luck, protection


Hectus N

Mountains, summer, winter, nature

Earth, fire, protection, strength, water


Kairos N

Cats, secrets, sorcery

Charm, knowledge, magic, protection, sun


Losteroth CN

Ethereal, the moon, spirits

Chaos, darkness, madness, repose, void

Two-Bladed Sword
Nadurra CN

Sea, storms, thunder, wind

Air, chaos, destruction, water, weather


Nayshima LE

Corruption, prejudice, punishment

Artifice, death, evil, law, trickery


Nual NE

Night, rats, thieves

Animal, darkness, evil, luck, trickery


Olim LG Lord of the dwarven pantheon Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Travel Warhammer
Shimai CE

Madness, monsters, nightmares

Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, Trickery Falchion
Tark N God of fate, death, prophecy, birth Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water


Triceal LG

Light, the sun, health

Glory, good, healing, law, sun

Bastard Sword
Tylden LE

Pride, tyranny, war

Evil, glory, law, nobility, war

Heavy Mace
Valera LG Goddess of valor, rulership, justice, honor Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, War Longsword
Xian LN God of history, knowledge, self-protection Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strength Unarmed Strike
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