Queen of Celestia, Herald of the Mountain

Symbol: A golden longsword, pointed down.
Home Plane:
Valor, Rulership, Justice, Honor
Paladins, warriors, knights; national religion of Rothnn
Cleric Alignments:
Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War
Favored Weapon:

Valera is the goddess of righteous valor, justice and honor.


Valera originally served as the herald of Xeron. When Xeron sacrificed himself to make way for the Rise of Man, Valera was made Regent of Celestia. During her time as Regent, Valera underwent the Eleven Trials. After the completion of these trials, the archons elected her Queen.


Valera views Aetherea, Daarok, Deya, Kairos, Olim and Triceal as the equivalent of allies. Olim is perhaps her closest ally, as he resides within Mount Celestus in Celestia. Kairos is occasionally suspected of being her consort, though in truth the two are merely friends who enjoy debating morals over drinks. She will not associate or parlay with evil gods, demons or devils.

Appearance and Emissaries

Valera manifests as a valiant knight in full plate armor. She wields a longsword and a carries a shield which shines with a holy light in the presence of evil creatures. The shield’s light blinds creatures with the (evil) subtype.


Valera’s servants are primarily the archons which once served Xeron, but also includes a number of former mortals who have been granted divine powers after their death.


A powerful star archon and an original servant of Xeron, Incarnus appears as a 15 foot tall humanoid with a translucent body through which the stars of the night sky can be seen.


Myrin is a celestial giant eagle with golden feathers who serves as Valera’s messenger.

Saint Roth

Saint Roth was a high priest of Valera who raised an army of knights to free a nation of people occupied by the Riss Empire. The new nation was named Rothnn after him. After death, Roth was sainted by Valera’s church, and Valera saw fit to honor this by granting him a portion of her divine power. Saint Roth serves Valera as a general in her heavenly army, specifically in charge of the hound archons.


The Church of Valera is assertive and vigilant in rooting out evil. The Church is based on Rothnn, though it is active throughout Ardmyre, Canthelon and Thassia.

Worshipers and Clergy

Valera’s priests and priestesses are composed of clerics and paladins. Personal cleanliness as well as an honorable demeanor are both very important to her followers. An hour of daily prayer and weekly worship service is practiced by the clergy, while the lay followers typically only offer prayer before meals or battle, and attend worship services during specific holidays.

Temples and Shrines

The temples of Valera function as both a church and living space for warriors in her service. Such temples often feature elements of great beauty, such as arched entrances, pillared courtyards, fountains and statues, though the overall design of purpose is in fortification. Every temple of Valera is a fortress first and a place of worship second.

Holy Texts

The sole holy texts of Valera are the Articles of Honor and Sacrifice, known more commonly as simply the “The Articles.” The Articles describe the eleven trials Valera underwent after becoming Regent of Celestia, the events of which define the code of conduct which all her followers are expected to adhere to. The Articles are written in such as a way that no rule is absolute, though in practice such rules are often considered so, especially by Valera’s paladins.


The 3rd day of Protos is the Day of Sacrifice, honoring when Xeron sacrificed himself make way for the Rise of Men. On this day followers fast from dawn until dawn the following day and attend worship service at sundown. The 20th day of Tetaros celebrates the day Rothnn won its independence from the Riss Empire. This day is a festival filled with feasts, games, martial tournaments and parades. The 20th of Tetaros celebrated by all worshipers of Valera, including those living outside Rothnn. The 1st of Enatos is Queen’s Day and honors when Valera became Queen of Celestia. This day is celebrated with parade leading to the temple followed by a lengthy worship service, followed by hearty feast.

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