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Reylan is one of the largest continents on Riadus. Located in the southern hemisphere, it stretches nearly 3000 miles from the edge of the arctic in the south to the humid sub-tropics in the northwest. The climate varies greatly across the land, from the great frozen wastes in the south, barren deserts and swamps in the north, and temperate forests and plains between the mountains along the coasts.

Several nations and peoples call Reylan home. Most of these nations are human kingdoms, though elves, dwarves and gnomes have their own lands. Other races, such as wulfen, goblins, orcs and kobolds, while having no official or recognized lands of their own, live within the lands of the other, more civilized races.

Listed below are some of the more prominent kingdoms, nations and territories found in Reylan.

Better known as the Free States of Ardmyre, this “nation” is actually a collection of independent city-states.
Once a small kingdom of dwarves, this frozen, rocky area is now home to trolls and ogres.
A vast kingdom of temperate forests and rolling hills, Canthelon is known for both its forward thinking customs and large military.
An ancient desert kingdom with an aristocracy made up of rakshasa, who rule over a worker class who are little more than slaves.
The dwarves of this rocky and mountainous nation are famous for their deep metals and their navy is legendary.
This frozen waste of tundra and ice is home to a few tribes of humans who shun outsiders.
This desert is mostly arid wasteland.
A dark land of swamps and bogs which slowly gives way to ice and tundra to the south. Few but orcs call this place home, though its natural resources are rich.
The dwarves of the northern continent are well known for their fine jewelry and metal work.
Inabaw Plains
Although not a recognized nation by any of its neighbors, these fertile plains are home to nomadic tribesmen, centaurs and wulfen, as well as numerous tribes of feral orcs and goblins.
This large island kingdom is officially part of the Nysundast Empire, though the elves here are extremely xenophobic and violently repel all outsiders, even other elves.
Little is known about this remote territory.
Also known as the western wasteland, the territory of Lethler is mostly unexplored.
Luir is a chilly kingdom of hobgoblins best known for its constant wars against other nations, and often within its own borders.
This lush land of green and color is home to elves, though they share their territory with several other races, including kitsune, tengu and wulfen.
Rocky and covered with thin forests, Riss is known best for one ruling an empire that spanned across all of Reylan.
This wet and rainy nation is as well known for its legendary military and worship of Valera as it is for its inclement weather.
The rulers of this island kingdom claim to be the descendants of the nobles of ancient Theriath. True or not, these sorcerers wield powerful and dangerous magic.
This expansive territory of dozens of tiny feudal kingdoms is technically part of the Nysundst Empire, though they maintain great autonomy.
An ancient nation of unknown people who seemingly vanished over five thousand years ago. Most of northern Reylan rests upon its ruins.
This small mountain range is home to a prosperous kingdom of dwarves. Although known as the “lost kingdom” among other dwarves, the people of Valdain are very well known, and liked, among their neighbors.
Built along a vast and rocky coast, Versona attempts to shun the politics of other nations, preferring the endless intrigue and squabbling among its own aristocracy.
Little is known about this remote territory.
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