Deities Updated

Posted April 16th, 2009 (3:05 am)

I’ve added pages for each deity under the Religion section. Granted, most have nothing more than the deity’s name and a depiction of a holy symbol (which is subject to change), but at least there are pages there. However, three deities do have full profiles published:


These were chosen because the playtest group is currently exploring Canthelon, where Caelorum is primarily worshiped, one of the character is a cleric of Olim, and two among the group are elves (which worship Triceil). Next up will be Nekal (because of the recent encounters with her followers), Estlore (because a player character worships him), Xian (because a player character worships him), and Nayshima (because she’s an influential evil deity in Nysundast, which is where the playtest group is heading).

Speaking of which, I should probably also get to work on fleshing out a description of Nysundast.

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