Second Darkness Campaign

This up coming Sunday marks the start of a new campaign using the Riadus Campaign Setting. The campaign is to be based on the Second Darkness adventure path published by For ease of use I’m keeping as much of the applicable setting information from Second Darkness intact, though many changes are necessary. The world of Pathfinder is not the same as the world of Riadus.

Warning, spoilers ahead. If you are playing in any Second Darkness campaign, not just mine, you might not want to read ahead until after, or at least well into the campaign.

One of the major changes I’ve needed to make concern the drow. For one, Riadus doesn’t have any. Never has, and never will. Granted, neither did the Pathfinder setting until this adventure path was published, and in fact this path involves the sudden appearance of the drow as a new discovery. That’s fine for Pathfinder, but not for Riadus. I just don’t want any “evil elves” in my campaign world. Even though they are based (at least partially) on Scottish folklore and are considered open content (which allows Paizo to use them in its own material), I consider the drow to be almost exclusively part of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. This is mainly due to one extremely popular character who doesn’t need to be named here. Having drown in my campaign setting would feel too much like stealing (which is completely unlike using the city of Riddleport, which need not exist anywhere outside this campaign).

So I need to use a different, but equally ominous, evil people for my villain. I have some ideas, but I’ll leave their discussion for another time.

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