New Content Added: Wulfen, Half-Goblin & Vylani

If you’ve been looking around you may have noticed some of the blank pages aren’t so blank anymore! Added in are the Riadus ancestry for the wulfen, a people who appear part man, part wolf. The ancestry is complete with unique heritages and ancestry feats. Also in the Ancestries section are the half-goblin, which is exactly what you think it is. This half-human heritage is the result of a human and a goblin bearing a child together. Similar to half-elves and half-orcs, half-goblins are simultaneously a part of two worlds yet members of neither.

Unique to Riadus are the Vylani, a diverse ancestry of bird-like people. To say “unique” is a bit of a stretch, as the vylani include tengu, which already exist within the Pathfinder 2e rules. The vylani, however, expand on this to include other types of birds, each native to a different part of Riadus.

More to come soon!

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