Deities Updated

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I’ve added pages for each deity under the Religion section. Granted, most have nothing more than the deity’s name and a depiction of a holy symbol (which is subject to change), but at least there are pages there. However, three deities do have full profiles published:


These were chosen because the playtest group is currently exploring Canthelon, where Caelorum is primarily worshiped, one of the character is a cleric of Olim, and two among the group are elves (which worship Triceil). Next up will be Nekal (because of the recent encounters with her followers), Estlore (because a player character worships him), Xian (because a player character worships him), and Nayshima (because she’s an influential evil deity in Nysundast, which is where the playtest group is heading).

Speaking of which, I should probably also get to work on fleshing out a description of Nysundast.

Content Migrated

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All of the content of the original website has been migrated to the new server and has been included in the new design. Now I can start adding new content.

I have been working on the various deities of the campaign setting and have several more or less ready to publish, so those will be going up first. However, since the current group I’m running the game for will be heading out of Canthelon and into Nysundast, I’ll be switching focus on that area to get details up of the elven homeland. Fortunately Triceil is one of the deities I’ve gotten work done on and she’ll be included in the deities section in the near future.

New Design

Posted March 6th, 2009 (12:40 pm) || 1 Comment is now being powered by WordPress! It is also undergoing a number of design changes, particularly the menu and how the pages will be arranged. Please be patient while these changes are being made.

Welcome to Riadus

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Men, elves, dwarves, goblins, dragons inhabit the land along with a multitude of other creatures. Brave warriors fight for honor and the good of their kingdom, while devout clerics with power to heal or to kill tend to the faithful. Great sorcerers command the very fabric of reality itself, whilestorytellers and songsmiths tell all of the world about their tales. Ruins of ancient nations hold both treasure and peril for those brave enough to seek them out. Untold knowledge lies waiting in the abandoned tower of a long dead wizard. The secrets of the gods flutter unseen through the dreams of dragons…

Welcome to the world of Riadus, an original campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons RPG!

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