Common LanguagesSpeakers
CommonCommon ancestries
DraconicDragons, reptilian humanoids
GoblinGoblins, hobgoblins
HarrathSubterranean civilizations
JotunGiants, ogres, trolls, cyclopes
Uncommon LanguagesSpeakers
AeolianAir Elementals
AkloOtherworldly monsters
AquaineWater Elementals
DisireanAngels and other celestials
FerrumicMetal Elementals
NecrilGhouls, intelligent undead
PyricFire elementals
SkotianCreatures from Skotos
SylvanFey, centaurs, plant and fungus creatures
TelluricEarth elementals
VerdanticWood Elementals
Regional LanguagesSpeakers
Ardmyriana language with many regional dialects spoken throughout Ardmyre, Craith and Kurg
Cantheleselanguage of Canthelon, an off-shoot of Old Rothnn which is heavily influenced by Rissian and the Elven and Dwarven languages
Darastanlanguage of the upper class of Darasta
Inabawlanguage of the plainsmen tribes of Elsena
Khazirthe native language of Lethasta, also spoken throughout Veslir, Bune and Cenni
Naluka language shared by human tribes of northern Lethler
Norlingthe native language of the northmen of Lethler
Old Rothnnarchaic language of the Rothnn people
Ossaranthe language spoken by the ruling class in Seph
Qasithe common language of the southern continent, spoken by the servant class in Darasta and as a primary language in Lorroth and Kalshia
Rissianthe common language of most of Reylan, originating in Riss, but influenced by Torunese and Zolonian
Rothnnmodern language of the Rothnn people, influenced by Rissian and Torunese
Sephtanthe language spoken by the lower class in Seph
Skrritchlanguage of various peoples of Luir, Goa and northern Geilir
Toruneseancient language of the people of Torune, now used primarily in religious practices in Riss and Torune
Versonanlanguage of the nobility of Versona
Waymilanguage of the Waymi people
Zolonianancient language of the people of Zolan