Character Options

The Riadus Campaign Setting is an alternative to the default setting of Golarion presented with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules. Like Golarion, Riadus is a world of magic, monsters and adventure and draws inspiration from several real-world cultures.


One of the primary differences between Golarion and Riadus is which ancestries are available. Most notable are the lack of gnomes and halflings. Other uncommon or rare ancestries are also missing because they are unique to Golarion, such as the azarketi and shoony.


All backgrounds presented in the Pathfinder Player Core are appropriate for the Riadus Campaign Setting, as are many others found in other publications. Any background tied specifically to the Golarion setting would not be appropriate.


Most classes are appropriate and available for player characters in Riadus. The primary exceptions being the Gunslinger and Inventor. Firearms are an emerging technology which has yet to be developed to the point of predictability. Bombs, rockets, fireworks and similar devices exist and are wide spread enough to allow for the Alchemist class and related archetypes, but guns are not. Similarly the Inventor represents a near impossible leap in innovation that does not fit in with the setting. With some adjustment, either class can be utilized (such as a Gunslinger who uses crossbows) but it is not recommended.