All ancestries found in the Riadus Campaign Settings follow the same rules and guidelines found in Pathfinder Player Core, Pathfinder Player Core 2, and the Advanced Player Guide.


Dwarves are well known for their affinity with both stone and sea. Their greatest cities are carved from the solid rock of sea-side mountains, where they craft the finest goods using stone, gems and metals. Their skills also extend to sailing, as everyone knows the best ships are dwarf-make and dwarf-crewed.

Elves & Half-Elves

Elves are an ancient people, perhaps more ancient than the world of Riadus. To most other ancestries, elves invoke an extreme sense of awe – all at once being graceful and beautiful and also terrifying and otherworldly.

Goblins, Hobgoblins and Half-Goblins

Goblins originated in the Wild, or were highly influenced by it. Insatiably curious, dangerously impulsive, and strangely invasive, goblins have managed to populate all reaches of Riadus. Though they often live in the shadow of larger ancestries, goblins are content to live alongside their neighbors while maintaining their own distinct communities.


Perhaps more than any other people of Riadus, humans are driven to explore, expand and conquer. Human civilizations and societies seem to rise and fall with the tides, but their unparalleled perseverance assures where one nation fails, another will rise to take its place.


Kitsune are a charismatic and witty people with a connection to the spiritual that grants them many magical abilities, chiefly the power to shapechange into other forms. Whether they pass unseen among other peoples or hold their tails high, kitsune are clever observers of the societies around them.


Orcs are forged in the fires of violence and conflict, often from the moment they are born. As they live lives that are frequently cut brutally short, orcs revel in testing their strength against worthy foes, whether by challenging a higher-ranking member of their community for dominance or raiding a neighboring settlement. Many orcs seek glory as soon as they can walk and carry a blade or club, taming wild beasts or hunting deadly monsters.


Vylani are a gregarious and resourceful people that have spread far and wide across the continent of Reylan, collecting and combining whatever innovations and traditions they happen across with those from their own long history. They are known by many names depending upon where they are from, such as the tengu of Nysaido, the aethel of Riss and the falcyn of Ardmyre.


The wulfen are a race of tribal wolf-men that live in dense forests in and around the foothills of mountains. They are rarely seen outside of their forest homes and they detest visitors. Most wulfen were hunted down and slaughtered as monsters by humans over the centuries and few tribes remain.