Riadus is a world in which the existence of the divine is demonstrably true and well documented. The power and influence of the deities manifest through the magic of their most devout worshipers. Demons, celestials and elementals are often summoned to service by wizards and sorcerers. Many of the outer planes of the cosmos can be seen with the naked eye in the night sky.

Deities of Riadus

Anyone can worship a deity, but those who do so devoutly should take care to pursue the faith’s edicts (behaviors the faith encourages) and avoid its anathemas (actions considered blasphemous, and could cause a god to revoke their blessings).


High above the world of Riadus, past the orbits of the sun and moons, lies the vast and complex Divine Cosmos. The Cosmos holds the homes of the gods, the realms of the honored dead, the plane of dreams and more.