New Equipment

An equipment section has been added, which includes (for now) a list of precious materials and uncommon weapons you can find in the setting. Granted, they’re pretty much exactly what’s in the Pathfinder Core rules, but the names have been changed, as have the flavor of a few…

… the strange subspecies of alder called bogwood, turned a dark, ashen gray by its proximity to the Wild (duskwood in the core rules).

… mystical moonsilver, which is harvested from special groves rather than mined from the ground (dawnsilver in the core rules, but you may know it by another name: mithral).

… the claw blades and whip claws of the wulfen people (for catfolk in the core rules).

… the fighting stick, filcher’s fork and sling staff of the maskani, extremely fitting weapons for ewoks the forest dwelling raccoon people (originally associated with halflings in the core rules.)

… the infamous makeshift goblin weapons, the gutterblade and shanksnapper (originally dogslicer and horsechopper) and the more common cleaver and frying pan.

… and a host of elven weapons such as the infamous katana, wakizashi and naginata (just added the Elf trait), and the brand new daikyu, kanabō and tantō based on the historical Japanese weapons of the same names.

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