Most characters carry weapons, ranging from mighty warhammers to graceful bows to even simple clubs.

Claw BladeMeleeMartialKnifeAgile, Deadly d8, Disarm, Finesse, Uncommon, Versatile P, Wulfen1d4 S1L2 gp
CleaverMeleeSimpleAxeAgile, Finesse, Goblin, Sweep, Thrown 10 ft.1d4 S1L2 sp
DaikyuRangedAdvancedBowElf, Propulsive, Uncommon1d8 P1+80 ft.028 gp
Fighting StickMeleeMartialClubBackswing, Maskani, Nonlethal, Shove, Uncommon1d6 B115 sp
Filcher’s ForkMeleeMartialSpearAgile, Backstabber, Deadly d6, Finesse, Maskani, Thrown 20 ft., Uncommon1d4 P1L1 gp
Frying PanMeleeSimpleClubFatan d8, Goblin1d4 B1L1 sp
GutterbladeMeleeMartialSwordAgile, Backstabber, Finesse, Goblin, Uncommon1d6 S1L1 sp
KanabōMeleeAdvancedClubBackswing, Elf, Parry, Shove, Two-Hand 1d101d8 B112 gp
KatanaMeleeMartialSwordDeadly d8, Elf, Two-Hand 1d10, Uncommon, Versatile P1d6 S112 gp
NaginataMeleeMartialPolearmDeadly d8, Elf, Reach, Uncommon, Versatile P1d8 S223 gp
ShanksnapperMeleeMartialPolearmGoblin, Reach, Trip, Uncommon, Versatile P1d8 S229 sp
Sling StaffRangedMartialSlingMaskani, Propulsive, Uncommon1s10 B280 ft.115 gp
TantōMeleeMartialKnifeAgile, Deadly d8, Elf, Finesse, Uncommon, Versatile S1d4 P1L1 gp
WakizashiMeleeMartialSwordAgile, Deadly d8, Elf, Finesse, Uncommon, Versatile P1d4 S1L1 gp
Whip ClawMeleeAdvancedFlailFinesse, Hampering, Reach, Uncommon, Wulfen1d6 S215 gp