After they walked through that glowing gateway, nothing was ever the same. A band of characters become paranormal investigators in order to figure out the cause of a global amnesic episode. Their quest takes them to lands near, far, and outside of this reality altogether. Along the way, the characters meet fellow “gatewalkers,” defeat alien monsters, and explore strange realms also touched by the so-called Missing Moment. And when it comes time to learn the grim truth of what happened to them on that fated summer night, what then?

The Gatewalkers Adventure Path is being adapted for use in the Riadus Campaign Setting. This will involve a number of significant changed to the locations, NPCs, enemies, monsters, etc. which will all be handled by the GM. The only changes that affect creating a player character involve the availability of ancestries and some classes and class feats. For example, halflings and gnomes do not exist on Riadus, but half-goblins and wulfen do.

At the time this AP is being converted, only 8 classes have been published using the Pathfinder 2e Remastered rules: bard, cleric, druid, fighter, ranger, rogue, witch and wizard. The alchemist, barbarian, champion, investigator, monk, oracle, sorcerer and swashbuckler will be released with Player Core 2 in August, 2024. Other classes (gunslinger, inventor, kineticist, magus, psychic, summoner and thaumaturge) are not being remastered. PCs must make use of the remastered version of a class if it’s available and will be expected to update their character to the remastered rules if a remastered version is released during the campaign.

The full rules for all published Pathfinder content is available for free on Archives of Nethys, including the new remastered rules. Players are encouraged (but by no means required) to purchase a copy of the Pathfinder Player Core (and Player Core 2 when it released) for their own reference at and away from the game table, but copies of all the rulebooks will be available for use, provided by the GM, during play.

See the link to the Players Guide above for a short document explaining the premise of the campaign, the PCs role and guidelines on creating a character.