New Equipment

An equipment section has been added, which includes (for now) a list of precious materials and uncommon weapons you can find in the setting. Granted, they’re pretty much exactly what’s in the Pathfinder Core rules, but the names have been changed, as have the flavor of a few…

… the strange subspecies of alder called bogwood, turned a dark, ashen gray by its proximity to the Wild (duskwood in the core rules).

… mystical moonsilver, which is harvested from special groves rather than mined from the ground (dawnsilver in the core rules, but you may know it by another name: mithral).

… the claw blades and whip claws of the wulfen people (for catfolk in the core rules).

… the fighting stick, filcher’s fork and sling staff of the maskani, extremely fitting weapons for ewoks the forest dwelling raccoon people (originally associated with halflings in the core rules.)

… the infamous makeshift goblin weapons, the gutterblade and shanksnapper (originally dogslicer and horsechopper) and the more common cleaver and frying pan.

… and a host of elven weapons such as the infamous katana, wakizashi and naginata (just added the Elf trait), and the brand new daikyu, kanabō and tantō based on the historical Japanese weapons of the same names.

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Raccoon People?

Yes, raccoon people!

A new ancestry has been added, the playful and ferocious maskani. The maskani were once fey – awakened raccoons from the Wild. As civilization spread, these furry pranksters adapted, growing more humanoid and adopting many of the communal aspects of the primitive societies of other ancestries. Now they are a tree-dwelling people whose primitive appearances belie their clever and unexpectedly sophisticated mechanical contraptions.

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Spelling and Grammatical Maintenance

Corrections and updates have been made to a variety of pages throughout the site:

Spelling or grammatical changes have been made in:
Continent of Reylan
Kitsune Heritages and Kitsune Feats
Deities of Riadus: Feilona, Hectus, Kairos, Nadurra, Nual, Tylden, and The Vortex
Cosmology, Cosmology: Lumos and Ale’oma

Wording has been updated to improve readability in:
Cosmology: Infernus
Ancestries: Elves & Half-Elves
Half Ancestries: Half-Orcs, and Versatile Heritages: Half-Orcs
Dieties of Riadus: Nayshima and Tark

Bold type to is now used to distinguish Special from text in:
Half-Goblins: Half-Goblin Feats
Kitsune Feats
Wulfen Feats

Continent of Reylan:
Mountains have been added to descriptions of Canthelon and Nysaido

Wording has been updated to match elves origin from Elves page

A duplicate word has been deleted.

Half Ancestries: Half-Orcs and Versatile Heritages: Half-Orcs:
Location information has been added for Norlings

Wolf-men has been changed to wolf-people; there are females too!

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Gatewalkers Player’s Guide Updated

Some typos and other info has been fixed in the download for the Gatewalkers Player’s Guide on the Campaigns page.

Page 3: Using This Player’s Guide
Added book list

Page 3: Where On Riadus?
Corrected capitalization of title
Named the mountains

Page 5: Ancestries
removed erroneous “that”

Page 5: Languages
corrected the Common to be identified as Rissian

Page 6: Backgrounds
corrected page number for Deviant Abilities in the Guide

In addition, a link has been provided to the Archives of Nethys for ease of access.

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Therean Gates

The Therean page has been updated to include information about the ancient and occasionally functional Therean Gates, mystical stone arches that can transport travelers to other Gates throughout Riadus. This information is not necessarily well known, but it is relevant to the upcoming Gatewalkers campaign I’ll be running and player characters should be familiar with it, or at least have access to the information.

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Kitsune: New & Improved!

It occurred to me that tying a kitsune’s appearance, heritage and alternate form all of the same mechanic might be a bit too restrictive. So I decided to give all kitsune heritages the choice of having either a tailless form or hybrid form. For some heritages, this alters what mechanical benefits they receive, such as the Earthly Wilds Kitsune whose jaws attack would not be appropriate for a tailless form, or the Distant Sky Kitsune who would be unable to use their innate spell in a hybrid form.

Several feats have also been updated to include appropriate prerequisites, as well as special rules allowing kitsune characters to take innate spell feats multiple times and gain more innate spells. I feel this fits in well with the inherently magical ancestry and allows a bit more diversity among them.

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World Description and Ancestries

The Continent of Reylan page has been updated, fixing typos, adding in name of mountain ranges and including a list of languages spoken in each territory. These languages are available as bonus languages for characters with a high intelligence modifier.

Half Ancestries and Versatile Heritages have been detailed, so far as including them on the website. Most of the mechanics for these special heritages remain identical to how they are presented in the Player Core, and are listed here to inform players of their existence in Riadus rather than provide rules for making such characters.

Languages have been tidied up, moving a few between common and uncommon and adding in Vylani and Wulfen, which I had forgotten to include originally.

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Languages, Human Ethnicities & More

There is now a Languages page under World Description detailing the various languages spoken by the peoples of Riadus. It includes a number of common languages, generally spoken by specific ancestries, uncommon languages, spoken by extraplanar or rare ancestries, and a list of regional languages representing the languages spoken throughout particular territories. The Continent of Reylan page will soon be updated with a list of languages spoken in each region so help facilitate the selection of bonus languages for characters with a high intelligence bonus.

Human, Kitsune and Orc ancestries are all completed and include ethnicities with physical descriptions and regions where they are from. Orcs and humans are largely unchanged from how they are presented in the Player Core, with the available ethnicities being the primary addition.

Kitsune are a special case, as they are similarly largely unchanged, but differ from Golarion kitsune in one significant way: the default “base form” of all kitsune is a fox, rather than a hybrid fox/human form. Each heritage has been reworked to grant either a “tailless form” which appears as a common humanoid ancestry near where the kitsune was raised, or a “hybrid form” which appears like the default from of kitsune in the Advanced Players Guide. Feats have also been reworked, as kitsune are primal rather than divine in nature and thus have a different selection of spells available. Also, only kitsune with a hybrid form may take feats which add an unarmed strike. The Kitsune Feats page has more details.

Next up are further description of versatile heritages, including briefs on half-elves and half-orcs (half-goblins are already added) and details on Changelings, Dhampir and Nephilim.

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New Subscribe Option!

Readers can now subscribe to receive email updates whenever there’s a new post. The update emails are never sent more than once per day and include a compilation of all updates made that day, if any. If there aren’t any updates, you don’t receive an email. Opt in via the form to the right and unsubscribe any time.

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Ancestry Updates

Ancestry information is currently being updated. The dwarves, elves and vylani have been completely updated (further editing may be needed), and the rest of the ancestries are coming shortly.

I’ve also compiled a list of languages spoken throughout Riadus, but I’m not sure where to include it. Probably under World Description. I still need to do work on it but it will probably be finished before all of the ancestries are.

After languages and ancestries, I’ll be working on describing the roles particular classes play in the world.

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