World Description

The Riadus Campaign Setting is an alternative to the default setting of Golarion presented with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules. Like Golarion, Riadus is a world of magic, monsters and adventure and draws inspiration from several real-world cultures.

What does my character know?

As someone who lives in a magical fantasy world, a person from Riadus has a different set of assumptions than someone from modern Earth.

The Continent of Reylan

Most of the adventures on Riadus are focused on the Continent of Reylan. The continent spans nearly 5000 miles from Ardmyre in the southwest to northern reaches of Lethler where it meets the Boreal Ice. It is surrounded by numerous seas separating it from the continents of Odian and Anlania to the south. A land bridge crosses the gap between the Envast and Merabian seas to connect to the sub-continent of Eastland.