Languages, Human Ethnicities & More

There is now a Languages page under World Description detailing the various languages spoken by the peoples of Riadus. It includes a number of common languages, generally spoken by specific ancestries, uncommon languages, spoken by extraplanar or rare ancestries, and a list of regional languages representing the languages spoken throughout particular territories. The Continent of Reylan page will soon be updated with a list of languages spoken in each region so help facilitate the selection of bonus languages for characters with a high intelligence bonus.

Human, Kitsune and Orc ancestries are all completed and include ethnicities with physical descriptions and regions where they are from. Orcs and humans are largely unchanged from how they are presented in the Player Core, with the available ethnicities being the primary addition.

Kitsune are a special case, as they are similarly largely unchanged, but differ from Golarion kitsune in one significant way: the default “base form” of all kitsune is a fox, rather than a hybrid fox/human form. Each heritage has been reworked to grant either a “tailless form” which appears as a common humanoid ancestry near where the kitsune was raised, or a “hybrid form” which appears like the default from of kitsune in the Advanced Players Guide. Feats have also been reworked, as kitsune are primal rather than divine in nature and thus have a different selection of spells available. Also, only kitsune with a hybrid form may take feats which add an unarmed strike. The Kitsune Feats page has more details.

Next up are further description of versatile heritages, including briefs on half-elves and half-orcs (half-goblins are already added) and details on Changelings, Dhampir and Nephilim.

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